4 of the Hardest Upholstery Stains to Remove

Jan 23, 2023 | Stain Removal, Upholstery Cleaning

4 of the Hardest Upholstery Stains to Remove

Cleaning stubborn stains off your armchair, loveseat, or sofa can be a stressful challenge for any homeowner. DIY stain removal techniques are often inadequate and may even cause more damage to the upholstery than before. If you’re battling with an unyielding blemish on one of your furniture pieces, now is the time to call in professionals who will make sure it’s gone! For experienced upholstery cleaners, nothing is too hard to restore when it comes to worn-out fabric or challenging stains. From pet urine and nail polish spills to marker scribbles and coffee spots, they know how difficult these can be. But there are some that even the professionals need extra attention on – here’s a look at the top four most stubborn stain types!


Accidentally spilling melted chocolate or hot cocoa can be extremely stressful, especially on light furniture. The combination of sugar, fat and protein make it challenging to clean with just water – but don’t worry! Chem-Dry has a range of stain removal solutions that will get rid of any trace of your guilty pleasure. So indulge in your treats without worrying about making a mess; if you do end up staining something contact Chem-Dry of North County straight away for the perfect solution!


When accidents occur and leave behind daunting reminders in the form of blood stains on our upholstery, it can be a source of concern. After all, due to their protein-rich composition, these marks seem nearly impossible to remove. Stress not! Our team is experienced in removing this type of stain with ease and efficiency – first take care of your injury before entrusting us with this task that we are more than capable of handling with excellence.

Tomato Sauce

Don’t let the messiness of tomato sauce deter you or your family from enjoying delicious pasta dishes. Inevitably, an accident may happen and the furniture upholstery could be stained with a deep red hue accompanied by greasy residue – but don’t fear! Our team has got it covered and can help make those stains disappear in no time.

Red Wine

If you are a lover of red wine or entertain frequently, fret no more about ruining your furniture! With decades of experience in eliminating any trace of red wine stains from upholstery and chairs, Chem-Dry has the perfect solution for you. Instead of drenching your furniture with white wine to remove the stain, we specialize in utilizing unique cleaning solutions that totally deconstruct and eradicate its root cause.

Avoid Further Damage By Calling Our Upholstery Cleaning Team

If you find a stain on your furniture, it can be tempting to try and remove the blemish yourself by scrubbing or using various cleaning products. However, this often has an undesirable outcome – pushing the color deeper into the material fibers instead of removing it! Chemicals used incorrectly could also ruin fabric quality making matters worse. Don’t waste time attempting to get rid of the discoloration yourself; trust our experienced professionals who have plenty of knowledge in eliminating stains from any type of fabrics with care and proficiency.

Not only can we get rid of those unsightly stains, but our upholstery protectant service takes your furniture protection to the next level. This preemptive measure forms a protective shield over delicate fabrics and helps fend off spills, giving you more time to act before any lasting damage is done.

Get rid of pesky furniture stains with Chem-Dry of North County! Pick up your phone and speak to one of our qualified stain removal professionals in Northern San Diego. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – call (760) 741-9110 now for a complimentary consultation.

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