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About Chem-Dry of North County


At Chem-Dry of North County, we recognize that no two homes are identical, so the care given to each should be personalized as well. We offer an array of services specifically tailored for you including carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, pet urine treatment, and more. Additionally, our advanced treatments can help treat those sensitive fabrics like cotton or linen with special attention. To ensure your home is always properly taken care of in the best way possible; let us provide a custom approach at Chem-Dry of North County!

Our exclusive technique, along with our non-hazardous and environmentally friendly solution leaves your home not only spotless but also safer and healthier.

About the Owner

Tiffany, hailing from Escondido, and Daniel, native to the Carolinas, are proud parents of one daughter, Reylea. Both Tiffany and Daniel have found their livelihoods at Chem-Dry; while Tiffany was raised in its industry since childhood, Daniel began working there in 2008. Whenever they aren’t busy with work or family responsibilities – which includes taking their daughter to beaches, zoos and museums – they like staying active by exercising together. Additionally a talented vocalist herself, Tiffany has been performing gospel music at her local church for years as well!

Owners of Chem-Dry of North County
Owners of Chem-Dry of North County

Tiffany, Reylea, and Dan

History of the Chem-Dry Brand

As a young man working his way through law school in the early 1970’s, Robert Harris was a carpet cleaner who was working for someone else. Unhappy with the performance of the cleaning products then available, he began looking for a better solution. His research stretched into years and years of studying the chemical properties of cleaning formulas and years of backbreaking experiments which required cleaning areas of dirty carpets with one formula and then another.

Eventually, he developed a revolutionary carbonated solution that not only cleaned beautifully, but was also safe and non-toxic. With the birth of Chem-Dry in 1977 came self-employment and success. The demand for his cleaning services mushroomed and soon friends and family clamored for his secret. From the first small group of franchises, the Chem-Dry network has grown to thousands of successful franchises around the world. As the Chem-Dry family increases, Robert Harris has seen his own success story repeated by many franchisees.

Now, after more than 45 years, Chem-Dry is ranked the #1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine, with more locations than any other business in the industry! Led by Brand President Ed Quinlan, Chem-Dry continues its mission today of being an innovation leader and helping provide cleaner and healthier homes and workplaces for people around the world.

Chem-Dry is also a member of the BELFOR Franchise Group family of brands, which includes 12 other residential and commercial services franchise brands such as N-Hance Wood Refinishing, redbox+ Dumpsters, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, The Patch Boys, DUCTZ, HOODZ, and more./p>

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