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Green Certified Cleaning

As society becomes increasingly eco-conscious, it’s important to choose carpet cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly. At Chem-Dry, we take pride in our green practices, ensuring a thorough yet eco-friendly cleanse for your carpets. We use an all-natural solution that doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals, so you can trust that you’re making a sustainable choice.

We prioritize promoting a healthy household and a sustainable environment in everything we do at Chem-Dry. Our low-moisture cleaning process and green-certified solutions provide customers with a cleaner, safer, and healthier option for their family’s professional carpet, upholstery, area, and Oriental rug cleaning needs.

Our green-certified solution, The Natural®, is our go-to for carpets and area rugs. This eco-friendly carpet cleaning service yields some of the best results out there. Our sustainable carpet cleaning system uses eco-friendly ingredients and uses 80% less water than conventional steam cleaning processes, reducing waste. With our green alternative, your carpets will be dry to the touch in just hours rather than days.

green certified

The Greener Carpet Cleaner

Over the past two decades, Chem-Dry has transformed eco-carpet cleaning with The Natural® – our safe and non-toxic solution. Our green approach to deep cleaning carpets is inspired by the natural world, as we have honed in on refreshing your carpets without using harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your home.

Being environmentally responsible is a core value to us at Chem-Dry, and extends far beyond just offering clean and fresh carpets. Our unique cleaning process uses one-fifth of the water compared to traditional steam cleaning services, making it both eco-friendly and providing for a healthier, greener home.

On the other hand, steam cleaners require large amounts of water and use harsh chemicals that can be hazardous for you and your loved ones’ health. By comparing both options, it’s evident that between them, Chem-Dry is the more natural and safer choice!

Only Chem-Dry Uses The Natural® Cleaner for a Deep Clean That’s Also Green

Our patented carpet cleaner, The Natural®, is an all-natural, 100% non-toxic solution that lies at the heart of our cleaning process. It is one of the purest cleaning solutions available and combines the perfect balance of Mother Nature’s ingredients with carbonating bubbles that lift dirt up out of your carpet. This ensures a thorough and safe clean for your carpets.

Unlike other carpet cleaners that use harsh chemicals to dissolve dirt or separate it from the fibers, The Natural® uses millions of tiny bubbles to break apart dirt particles and lift them up to the surface. Our specialized machines then extract the dirt particles with no caustic chemicals involved. This method is safer for children and pets than traditional cleaning solutions, which often leave behind a filmy residue and can contain toxic chemicals.

When you’re looking for a natural carpet cleaner, nothing beats the effectiveness of The Natural®. It contains no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes, or any other harmful chemicals, making it a safe and effective option for your home.

Our core cleaner The Natural is:

  • Green-certified
  • Ingredients are copied from Mother Nature
  • All ingredients in The Natural are on FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list
  • Safe and non-toxic for your kids and pets
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals, soaps, detergents or phosphates
  • Does not leave behind sticky residue
  • Perfect solution for people with allergies

If you’re looking for the safer, healthier, more environmental choice in carpet cleaning, call Chem-Dry.

Chem-Dry Additional Green Certified Products

The Chem-Dry® Green Certified Program is specially designed and certifies that our patented core cleaning solution, The Natural®, together with several of our consumer cleaning products, are safe for humans and animals and contribute to a reduction in air pollution. The following Chem-Dry products meet the qualifications to be classified as Green-Certified:

  • The Natural V, the Chem-Dry carbonated cleaning solution for carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Natural for Wool
  • Area Rug Cleaner
  • P.U.R.T. Liquid (Pet Urine Removal Treatment)
  • Stain Extinguisher
  • World Famous Spot Remover
  • Pet Odor Remover
  • Dust Mite Anti-Allergen
  • Traffic Lane Pre-Spray
  • PowerGuard
  • Final Rinse
  • Wet Foam Cleaner
  • Carpet Deodorizers
  • Benefect Decon 30

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